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Summer Moon... A real success story




Summer Moon is pioneer in the field of seafood appetizers as it was the first company started processing this line of products in the Middle East markets founded on Cyprus (1989). 
60 % of the production is being exported to Gulf and European countries. We have wide varieties of smoked and salted fish (Herring, Sardine, Mullet, Roe, Eels, Shrimps......etc). We have more than 65 products for different clients' needs. 
Summer Moon uses special mixtures contain herbs, spices and flavors which have been studied to enrich the nutritious value of the product to meet clients' satisfaction.






















Why Summer Moon?


Summer Moon is keen to produce the best quality of seafood appetizers to its products fans.

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Production Line

pictureSummer Moon is following up all hygiene rules for it's processing

operations for being certified from different entities Germany TÜV , Italy Rina , Switzerland SGS, & from China Moody.

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Soul Food

Soul food is a new trend for Summer Moon Co. to address it’s fans sensations.

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